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fire ceremonies


fire symbolizes the longing for light and its power

by performing the fire ritual we invite the light to clarify and transform body, soul and spirit

throughout the year we orient ourselves on the tides of nature – the natural rhythm of the earth, the seasons, the times of coming and going, of growing and blossoming, of ripening and harvesting, of dying and being born again – already in earliest mythologies, there are the so-called lostage, days that mark a turning point, on which new qualities are heralded and old ones are bidden farewell to – we commemorate these special days consciously by burning incense in the house and garden, lighting fire in a bowl together with friends and neighbours, letting go of old things and releasing them into the fire -  thus creating space for new ones - welcoming everything that is new and adjusting ourselves to the respective season

our fire ceremonies take place in the days around the following  8 periods:

01.02 candlemass, consecration of beeswax, candles, brigit, seeds taking shape, fasting, laughing, purifying, the sorrowful rosary

19.03. – 21.03. st.joseph’s day, easter, transformation

30.04. walpurgis night, beginning of the merry month of may, month of mary, the glorious rosary

21.06. st. john’s day, midsummer, the feast of the sacred heart of jesus, longest day and shortest night, gathering herbs

01.08. – 15.08. celebration of the assumption of mary, end of summer, consecration of herbs, the joyful rosary

23.09. st. michael’s day, burning of potato weeds, thanksgiving, beginning of autumn

31.10/01.11. all saints’ day, all souls’ day, honouring the ancestors, samhain, end of the gardening season, plants retreat slowly, the luminous rosary

21.12. – 05.01.

21.12. midwinter, jule, st. thomas’s night, longest night, least light, leaving a candle burn all night, giving seeds and nuts to animals, completing the old year, drawing cards, looking ahead into the coming year, light pulse, end of darkness, rauhnächte, christmas, new year, spiritual impulse (21.12. – 01.01), material impulse (25.12. – 06.01.)


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