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Art Bodensee

Elke Schmölzer - Icons - presented at Art Bodensee with The Gallery Steiner

elke schmölzer - icons 2019

catch a glimpse of my new series

Affordable Art Hong Kong

Elke Schmölzer - Stonefaces at Affordable Art Hong Kong with The Gallery Steiner

stonefaces at art expo new york 2019

feel free to visit me with the gallery steiner at booth 281 - i will be there in person!

m a n d a l a s
s t o n e f a c e s

dear visitors, dear art lovers! - welcome to my website! :-)

summer is close - in our garden the roses are sprouting and temperatures are getting warmer!

Recently some original artworks of my series "icons" were exhibited during "the fabulous wine walk 2019"

at the fabulous winery in mörbisch, burgenland, austria - here some impressions

and in june 28-30 some of them are presented at Art Bodensee, in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria

finally this summer the deep blue sea is waving and Art Marbella 2019! I will be there in person!!

latest news from new york city:

from april 4-7 four of my stonefaces were presented at the art expo new york 2019 with the gallery steiner - get some impressions!

New design of Captains Cafe NYC - check out my wallpaintings! I will be back next year :-D details will follow..

meanwhile have an inspiring journey exploring my website and enjoy the present season!

best wishes,

elke schmölzer

next fire-bowl: june 21st 2019

art and garden

new work overview!

 The Fabulous Wine Walk 2019

baubo telling stories..

s t o n e f a c e s

Captains Cafe NYC 2019

"am schauplatz" visiting..



this site is a process as life - always changing- sometimes waves are silent - sometimes rough - enjoy!

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