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Riess Emaille Schilder von Elke Schmölzer im Gartenatelier von Bella Bayer
Soloshow Elke Schmölzer "Icons"

18.5. -7.6. 2020 Galerie Kalina

art and nature in times of corona

werk(e)raum und garten(t)raum im coronamodus

And how are you?

Soloshow at The Gallery Steiner Vienna

Affordable Art Fair New York Spring

status april 2020 : p o s t p o n e d


Elke Schmölzer Solo Exhibition at Saphira & Ventura Gallery in NYC

Streetlife/ Strassenleben Vienna - Los Angeles

Special Exchange Exhibition at Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825

Elke Schmölzer Icons at Los Angeles Art Show 2020

Twelve Original Artworks presented with The Gallery Steiner

Elke Schmölzer - ICONS - at Red Dot Miami 2019

presented by The Gallery Steiner

Elke Schmölzer - ICONS - at Luxembourg Artfair

presented with Galerie Kalina

shanghai art plus

elke schmölzer stonefaces go china!

Affordable Artfair Stockholm 2019

Elke Schmölzer - icons - presented by the gallery steiner

Emaille Schilder von Riess
Art Marbella 2019, Spain

Elke Schmölzer - Mandalas - presented with The Gallery Steiner - get some impressions

Stonefaces at Swissartexpo 2019

Elke Schmoelzer at Artbox Project Zurich

Affordable Art Hong Kong

Elke Schmölzer - Stonefaces at Affordable Art Hong Kong with The Gallery Steiner

Art Bodensee

Elke Schmölzer - Icons - presented at Art Bodensee with The Gallery Steiner - get some impressions

stonefaces at art expo new york 2019

get some impressions!


Dear visitors, dear art lovers! - welcome to my website! :-)

Finally summer has arrived and I had the opportunity to show my Enamel-plates from Riess in Hartberg, Styria, in the wonderful garden of Bella Bayer - get some impressions

furthermore I may present my underwaterworld-painting at the new exhibition of the gallery Steiner, Vienna, which is opening thursday july23rd 2020 – details

and some pics of my big Soloshow in Germany at Galerie Kalina, which recently has shown about 70 original artworks of my series "Icons"! - find more details here

Hence have an inspiring summertime!

Best wishes,

Elke Schmölzer


New York City - @ Captains

new work overview!

NEW! Enamel plates from RIESS

next fire-bowl: midsummer 2020

Riess Enamel Plates at Bella Bayer in Hartberg


 The Fabulous Wine Walk 2019

baubo telling stories..

s t o n e f a c e s

christmas bubbles

Schönbrunn limited edition

"am schauplatz" visiting..



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