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autumn world

welcome to autumn!

at the beginning of the dark season , traditionally at the end of october or the beginning of november, the dead and the ancestors are being commemorated in many places and countries throughout the world – in many different ways – the gates to the otherworld have been opened and in the best case, as I believe, everybody  - regardless of faith or religion – celebrates together with the dead a scarily-beautiful feast – the transforming and cleansing fire does away with the old to make way for the new – gardening comes to an end – it is harvest time and thanksgiving – the journey turns inward – with this in mind, have an inspiring all saints’ day, all souls’ day, Samhain, dia de los muertos day of the dead and all hallows’ eve!

“autumn world” 2017, mixed media on canvas, 140x100cm


this site is a process as life - always changing- sometimes waves are silent - sometimes rough - enjoy!

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