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snapshots I and II


dear art lovers,

the present catalogue is a follow-up to the first volume “snapshots” from 2007 and provides an insight into some more facets of my artistic output – mainly from the period between 2007 and 2019 – this time the focus is primarily on pictures – all in all, the second catalogue is somewhat lighter and airier than the first one, not only in the choice of paper, but also as far as its content is concerned…

so feel free to savour, browse and discover, smile or get startled – as you like

128 pages, 21x21cm, high-quality printing

the present catalogue is an overview of my creative output between 1993 and 2007. Time and space are relative, the arrangement of the pictures is not chronological but according to topics – an invitation to skim and browse, to immerse yourself and linger on wherever you like, my world is full of colours and facets – so have fun discovering!

100 pages, 21x21cm, high-quality printing

25€ each (20%VAT incl., shipping costs excl.) or together with snapshots II €45,- (20%VAT incl.)


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