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Streetlife - Vienna meets Los Angeles

Special Exchange Exhibition
Streetlife/ Straßenleben: Vienna meets LA

Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825 
Opening: 2020 February 8

The gallery Steiner - Vienna
Opening: 2020 June 17/18 4pm

I was asked to submit four paintings relating to Vienna for the group show “Vienna meets Los Angeles”, curated by Corinna Steiner from the gallery Steiner Vienna

My self-imposed challenge was to approach the subject-matter neither via classical tourist hotspots, like the Vienna Giant Wheel, St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the Danube Tower, nor via celebrities in the spheres of arts, sports or politics – but to share my personal view of the city, showing its vibrancy and vitality as reflected in its people and places, in short, its unique character.

After some extensive walks serving to fuel my inspiration – my camera and my head being abundant with motifs – I was faced with the dilemma of having to choose the required number of four scenes only, not at all an easy task.

My creative journey through the city starts leisurely at a traditional Viennese coffee house, the café Hawelka at the heart of Vienna – since the 1970s closely connected to the Austro-pop snapshot – “jö schau”, a song about a naked man showing up at the café – by the late singer-songwriter Georg Danzer.

Next stop – the urban railway station. Even 100 years after his death, Otto Wagner’s “art nouveau” architecture characterizes the look of the Vienna subway. Everywhere people from all over the world – Vienna, a world city, a melting pot – tourists, agents and aliens walking past each other without knowing one another – clothes make the man – in Vienna everybody can wear what they want – and this is what they do.

Our trip continues up on the streets – close to the City Hall, two figures are on their way towards this very building – the crosswalk extending endlessly under their high heels –Vienna Pride, Life Ball, Rainbow Parade – Vienna is different – Vienna is diverse – Vienna is multicolored.

Let’s end our promenade along the Danube Canal, passing graffiti, trendy pubs, strollers and bikers and taking a rest by the water – digesting impressions, unwinding, and regenerating body and mind.

To be continued…


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