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"am schauplatz" visiting

on 12 july 2017 TV team visiting my garden with bio badge as hand luggage :-)

“According to the motto ‘more ecology and sustainability on urban green spaces’ awards are given to people who have created their own natural paradise in gardens, allotments, courtyards, on terraces, roof gardens or through roof and façade greening. residents thus  make a valuable contribution to the quality of life and biodiversity in the city. greenery in the city is vital to the well-being of its citizens. These spaces enhance relaxation and recovery. Plants and trees remove dust from the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and because of evaporation through the leaves they have a compensatory effect on the urban climate. They also offer valuable breeding and feeding habitats for many animals, such as different bird and bat species…” translated quote from, where you will also find further information concerning the requirements for obtaining the badge.

In our case we received even two awards, because our neighbour susanne also shows with loving attention to detail what the 40 square metres of a patio can be used for:-)


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