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Elke Schmölzer – Stonefaces

The story concerning the creation of my Stonefaces..

..I love spending time along the banks of mountain streams listening to the gurgling and burbling of the water and wondering and marvelling at the manifold colours and shapes of the stones flushed out and eroded by it - collected with devotion, contemplated at length and examined from all sides -they have a lot of stories to tell – here my love of fairy-tales, the world of myths and my flourishing imagination come in – the stones – maybe voiceless, dull, rough and weighty at first sight – but the longer the immersion, the more intense the examination, the more intent the observation - the more wakeful the looks suddenly gazing back at me, the clearer the stories they are telling, the more vivid the faces, their expressions and messages – almost as if a veil had been lifted to suddenly reveal a variety of faces underneath, who seemed to always have been there, only waiting for proper attention to appear – there are the ones looking up longingly from the ground, and others rising up through the surface of the water like mermaids – continuously changing their conditions, organizing themselves in new ways – initiated by the fire, expanding into the air, weightlessly floating through space – always a new timeless part of eternity – animated nature to be discovered in the stones – that is how the stone-faces series came into being – I just needed to copy them down…


this site is a process as life - always changing- sometimes waves are silent - sometimes rough - enjoy!

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