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Artist Statement 

“My art is - like life – an experimental journey - a creative process - ever changing – expressive -emotional - and full of colours and humour –sometimes it feels like meditation sometimes like explosion – everyday life – people who cross my way – love and nature - inspire me and flow into my work – I catch glimpses and present my personal sight of the universe”


*1972, Tamsweg/Salzburg/Austria, since 1993 based in Vienna. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under the supervision of Arnulf Rainer, Peter Kogler and Gunter Damisch. Several times she attended the Summer-Academy Geras/Waldviertel(Austria) with Prof. Bernhard Hollemann. Her international exhibition activities include Solo- and Group shows and participations of Biennales and Art Fairs at home and abroad.

In a humorous satiric and enigmatic way she shows her sight of the universe. Glimpses of happiness as well as deep nights of soul she is painting, drawing and describing full of colours, getting her inspiration, as she herself says with a twinkling eye “by life, love and the deep blue sea”  


this site is a process as life - always changing- sometimes waves are silent - sometimes rough - enjoy!

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