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I grew up in Austria in Tamsweg, a small village in the mountains – that´s why unspoiled nature has always played an important role in my work – when I went to school and already in the kindergarten I decided to do something with painting as a grown up because since then I have loved to experiment with colors and to explore different techniques. During my schooltime I was lucky to have a painting teacher who encouraged me to develop my skills and to follow my path. I also had the possibility to exhibit my works in various locations in my village. After school I moved to Vienna and began to study at the Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Arnulf Rainer, Gunther Damisch and Peter Kogler. Moreover, I attended the Summer Academy at Geras, Austria with Bernhard Hollemann several times.

My international exhibition activities include solo- and group shows and participations of biennales and art fairs at home and abroad. My in 2007 self-published catalogue „snapshots 1993 - 2007“and the continuation catalogue “snapshots 2007-2018” document my artwork since 1993, and include besides acrylic works on canvas and diverse drawings and mixed media techniques also texts and poems of my own.

My preferred themes - within I show in a humorous satiric and enigmatic way my sight of the universe – are variations of faces, nature, seasons and feelings. Glimpses of happiness as well as deep nights of soul I am painting, drawing and describing full of colours, getting my inspiration, as I say with a twinkling eye “ by life, love and the deep blue sea” 



this site is a process as life - always changing- sometimes waves are silent - sometimes rough - enjoy!

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